Have you struggled to make video content or build a YouTube channel? You’re not alone. 

This course is for you if you know creating video content is important for your business, but you continually find yourself unsure of what to post, how to film, or even the basics of running a YouTube channel. Our mini course is here to break down the mysteries of YouTube and make video content easy to understand so you can get started filming today.

Each section and lesson is curated to ensure you have the tools and strategies you need to understand how to build a video and YouTube strategy that gets views, builds an audience, and generates leads. 

You’ll leave this mini course feeling more confident in your video strategy, grow your YouTube skills, and help you start turning viewers into customers.

Expand your reach

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From views to sales

At the end of this mini course you will:

  • Understand the basics of YouTube including different types of videos, some tools to use, and how to measure video success 
  • Feel confident creating video content, as well as filming and speaking on camera
  • Learn valuable strategies and tactics from top creators
  • Unlock bonus downloadable PDFs you can refer back to
  • Be ready to use YouTube as a powerful tool in your marketing funnel

We understand filming video content and building a YouTube presence can be intimidating, but by the end of this mini course, you’ll have all the tools you need to expand your reach and get started using YouTube.

Meet your host

This mini course is led by Hamza Qureshi, who is both a creator as well as a product designer at Teachable.


Hamza has been a product designer at Teachable for over a year, where he designs business growth tools that help creators make more money. Outside of Teachable, Hamza is a huge fan of all things pop culture, random trivia, and his cat Franklin. He also collects vinyl records—in fact, he shares his collection and beginner-friendly vinyl tips to his 38,000+ followers on TikTok.