“I built my online course, now what?”

You’ve built or are in the process of building your course curriculum. You have an audience and email list ready to go. We can help remove the mystery surrounding your course launch strategy. At the end of this mini course you will:

  1. Understand how to have a successful launch week through our four-step strategy
  2. Feel empowered to build and customize your own email series
  3. Learn valuable strategies and tactics that encourage sales

Housekeeping notes

We understand that you may want to work along with us while you take this course. To help you get the best viewing and learning experience, we’re sharing some tips to take your mini course experience one step farther.

  1. Consider taking the course on a cell phone or iPad while you edit your work or take notes on the computer.
  2. For those who are all about "doing", consider utilizing dual monitors. Of course you can always opt for split screens. 
    1. On a Mac: Place your cursor over the green button in the top left in one of the windows. Hover until you see a drop-down menu. Select “Tile Window to Left of Screen” or “Tile Window to Right of Screen”. Your Mac will then enter split-screen mode.
    2. On a PC: In Windows 10, drag an open window to the left or right side of the screen. This will automatically ‘snap’ that window to take up exactly half of the screen.
  3. We’ve included workbooks, templates, and guides to download along the way. Be on the lookout for these various PDFs and reading lists at the end of select lectures.

Not quite ready for this course? Visit the first of our Core courses, “Build a lasting business and start earning now” in teachable:u to kickstart your journey. If you need to review your outline or curriculum revisit our second Core course, “Create your course strategy and build your curriculum” in teachable.u.

Meet your host:

Olivia is our Creator Partnerships Manager and develops collaborations with members of the Teachable community to drive brand awareness and amplify the amazing work of our creators. Prior to joining the team, she spent the last five years helping female entrepreneurs launch and grow their businesses through crowdfunding. In addition, she created IFundWomen of Color, a platform that addresses the unique obstacles diverse founders face when trying to access capital for their business.  Outside of Teachable, she's enjoying the digital nomad life—most recently landing in LA.

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